New Scholarship Season Starts 12:01 AM, March 15, 2014, For Class of 2014; For Scholarship Renewal Candidates, Submit Application Beginning 12:01 AM on May 15, 2014.

If you are a member of the W-L Class of 2014 and have accepted admission to a college or university, you may submit your application for a W-L Foundation Scholarship [...]



Welcome to  Washington-Lee High School Education Foundation’s website! The Foundation takes pride in its exclusive association with the outstanding education provided by this 85+ year old public high school in Arlington, Virginia.

A long-standing faculty tradition of providing academic scholarships each year to promising and deserving  seniors evolved into a charitable foundation in 1998.

The W-L Education Foundation extends an annual appeal to over 20,000 alumni to support our mission with financial contributions. W-L alumni have responded with great generosity based on memories of a wonderful high school experience.

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Class of 2013 Scholarship Recipients

Charles Argon

Ariel Bobbett

Margaret Burgos

Elizabeth Grossmann

Danielle Harris

Anufa Hossain

N’Dri N’Cho

Kevin Salvador

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2013-14 Scholarship Renewal Recipients

Chi-Hang Bryan Au

Emma Banchoff

Garrett Bangsboll

Zoe Bellars

Emily Cook

Suchana Costa

Benjamin Edgar

Jesse Ferrell

Adrianna Gorsky

Peter Hazel

Steven Hazel

Mumtahina Mahmud

Nataly Montano Vargas

Jarrod Nagurka

Petra Nichols

Jahan Shiekhy

Karen Vallejos-Corrales

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